• Wireless MIDIjet Pro USB Unit

Why MIDIjet Pro USB?


It works!


  • Up to 500-foot range
  • Bi-directional MIDI traffic - new!
  • Detachable antennas - new!
  • Can use rechargable batteries - new!
  • Powered by either 7.5V DC power supply, 2 ‘AA’ batteries or USB bus - new!
  • Each unit can be used as a USB MIDI interface - new!
  • Operate up to 29 adapter pairs simultaneously in the same environment
  • Low latency - 2.7ms
  • 20-30-hour transmitter battery life (depending on battery type)
  • Operates on 2.4 GHz license-free band
  • Low Battery and Link display indicators
  • Firmware upgradable - new 
  • Measures 2.6" x 1.1" x 4.4" (w x h x d), and weighs 6 oz with batteries


MIDIjet Pro long range wireless MIDI adapter replaces cables in situations where cables restrict performer mobility, are visually unpleasant, or awkward to connect.

In live performance environments, MIDIjet liberates a stage floor of MIDI cable clutter. It is also ideal for connecting music equipment in home studios, where hiding cables can be aesthetically important in a multi-purpose room.

Use MIDIjet Pro with:

  • Wind controllers such as the MIDI EWI, the EVI from Nyle Steiner or the WX-5 from Yamaha
  • Zendrum MIDI controllers
  • Portable Keyboards such as the Roland AX-7, AX-Synth, or  Lucina, Alesis Vortex
  • MIDI Control Surfaces 
  • iOS devices via iConnectMIDI
  • DAW to DAW syncing
  • MIDI Lighting control 
  • Drum Triggers
  • Guitar Patch Switching - Voodoo Labs' Ground Control

Two adapters are included in every kit. As easy to use as standard cables, all that’s required is to connect an adapter at both ends of your gear – such as one adapter on a keyboard, the second on a sound module. Up to 29 MIDI connections can be made in the same environment using unique radio channels, selectable via switches. Powered by either 2 ‘AA’ alkaline batteries or a DC adapter, it is well suited to both live event and studio environments.


*NOTE: Our systems are only MIDI transmitters/recievers. They do not provide power to MIDI controllers or to whatever system they are connected up to.


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Wireless MIDIjet Pro USB Unit

  • Brand: Classic MIDI Works
  • Product Code: 13-MID-WMJ-003
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  • $450.00USD